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People are the Yardstick and the root

Values are the yardstick and the path. We regard the insistence on values as the most important basis for deciding whether we are "kindred spirits".

1 / Clients First

Always constructive and never afraid to disagree for the clients’ benefit

2 / Self-driven

I am the only owner of myself

3 / Integrity

Stand by extreme transparency of communication

6 / Cherish the Reputation

Cherish our reputation and dutifully run the business

4 / Excelsior

Aim higher and strive for excellence

5 / Teamwork

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.

Taihecap Values

The fundamental of all of us lies in building a shared partner system with the "right" people at its core

Liangjing SONGManaging Partner & CEO

Mr. Song is mainly in charge of the overall strategy, operation management and transactions supporting in Taihecap.

Prior to founding Taihecap, Mr. Song has long working experiences in the mergers and acquisitions of cross-border and listed companies. He had worked in several positions in industrial management for Fortune 500 companies such as China Ocean Shipping Group and Schneider Electric Group, including nearly three years of experience as a member of an oceangoing crew.

Mr. Song graduated from school of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University with a master of business administration. He completed EMBA from PBC School of Finance of Tsinghua University. Mr. Song is also a member of the CEO class at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB).

Wallace GUOManaging Partner

Mr. Guo is in charge of major transactions in the field of scientific and technological innovation (including enterprise services, automotive intelligence, industrial technology, intelligent manufacturing, energy technology, aerospace technology, semiconductor, etc.).

Prior to founding Taihecap, He had worked in KPMG's Financial Advisory, participating in the investment and M&A transactions of international funds and large foreign-funded enterprises in China. He also served in Accenture, providing Fortune 500 companies at home and abroad with business and strategic advisory services.

Mr. Guo graduated from the School of Economics of Fudan University with a bachelor's degree in economics. He was named on Fortune China's 40 under 40's list in 2018, along with Zhang Yiming, Wang Xing and Huang Zheng.

He is 1.9 meters tall, used to be a basketball team member of the School of Economics in Fudan.

Frank HUManaging Partner

Mr. Hu's areas of focus include consumer retail, culture, recreation and sports, education and training, and health care.

Prior to founding Taihecap, Mr. Hu has long working experiences in private equity financing and corporate M&A transactions of TMT area. He had worked for KPMG, where he served a number of US stocks and Hong Kong-listed companies in the communications, apparel and automotive sectors.

Mr. Hu graduated from the School of Economics of Fudan University with a bachelor's degree in economics.

Mr. Hu has a passion for football, keeps training and playing regularly every week. In his spare time, he also loves photography, travelling and astronomy.

Kenny JIANGManaging Partner

Mr. Jiang is mainly in charge of finance, consumer and new energy industries. Prior to joining Taihecap, he had worked in equity investment at Richland Equities. Prior to this, he was engaged in financing listing, mergers and acquisitions in Nomura Securities' investment banking department.

Mr. Jiang graduated from Tulane University in the United States with a master's degree in finance. He received his bachelor's degree in finance from Zhejiang University. He possesses CFA, FRM and CPA qualifications.

He wrote a financial column named "the quadrant of valuation".

Rachel MEIPartner

Ms. Mei is mainly in charge of enterprise services, artificial intelligence, big data, and supply chain marketplace sectors. Prior to joining Taihecap, she worked for UBS Hong Kong in the design, research, and investment of global fixed-income assets and financial derivatives. There she won the Best Cross-Business Deal Award in 2014.

Ms. Mei graduated from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and holds a Master's degree in Financial Economics. She received her Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is a CFA charterholder.

In her spare time, she practices archery and is an amateur piano player.

Her investment and service cases include Jushuitan, Cloopen(NYSE:RAAS), Geek+, RootCloud, Horizon, Shuhaisc, Mech-mind, etc.

Alice ZHANGManaging Director

Ms. Zhang is mainly in charge of Public Relations, Human Resources and Investor Relations. Prior to joining Taihecap, she was a senior reporter at 36Kr. Ms. Zhang also worked at 21st Century Business Herald and other medias. During her media career, Ms. Zhang was awarded State Street Institutional Press Awards, Golden Byte Awards and China Environmental Press Awards.

Ms. Zhang graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and holds a master's degree in international journalism. She received her bachelor's degree in advertising from Wuhan University.

Ms. Zhang is an animal lover. Her bucket list includes an anthropological field survey in some Pacific islands.

Renchuan CHENManaging Director, Global Business Leader

Mr. Chen is mainly in charge of the transactions in global emerging markets, cross-border transactions, financial service & enterprise services and other sectors. Prior to joining Taihecap, he worked at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), DBS Bank, and China Merchants Bank. He is engaged in corporate banking, designing and providing financial solutions for emerging technology companies and traditional enterprises.

Mr. Chen graduated from New York University and holds a master of science in marketing and business analysis; he studied at Sun Yat-sen University with a bachelor's degree in management.

In his spare time, Mr. Chen loves coffee and hiking. He drinks 3-4 cups of coffee a day,and has walked 100 kilometers of trails.

His investment and service cases include RENOGY, Outer, Mask Network, MetaTrust, Y.O.U, Moka, Tencent-TengYin, CHAMLION, ShareChat, Carsome, Cango(NYSE.CANG), YUNXI, Linkedcare, etc.

Kaiyang JIANGManaging Director

Mr. Jiang is mainly in charge of the consumer and education sectors. Prior to joining Taihecap, he was responsible for corporate strategy consulting and commercial due diligence in the consumer sector at Meritco Services.

Mr. Jiang graduated from Fudan University and holds a bachelor's degree in physics.

As a fan of group strategy activities, Mr. Jiang is a high-level player in games such as camping, basketball, flying disk, werewolf killing, and room escape games.

His investment and service cases include Shiyuedaotian, Ylswan, Dr. Cheese, LIHOO'S, Zuoyebang, Meishubao, Kidswant, Keep, Baicizhan, Kaishu Story, etc.

Ruiling TANGDirector

Ms. Tang is mainly in charge of the consumption, artificial intelligence, and finance sectors. Prior to joining Taihecap, she was the co-founder of PhoenixTree Capital, primarily responsible for foundraising of TMT campanies in growing stage and the management of FA Department.

Ms. Tang graduated from Zhiyuan college of Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a bachelor's degree in Science.

Ms. Tang, who loves to study religion and science, is currently trying to be on ketogenic diet.

Her investment and service cases include chayanyuese, 58 Daojia, irootech, 58 finance, etc.

Si SUNDirector

Mr. Sun is mainly in charge of the medical and healthcare sectors. Prior to joining Taihecap, he was responsible for equity investment and M&A in the biomedical industry at CG Capital.

Mr. Sun graduated from Imperial College London and holds a master's degree in biotechnology. He received his bachelor's degree in biology from Sun Yat-sen University.

In his spare time, Mr. Sun is fascinated by sneaker culture, with more than 70 pairs of sneakers, and he is also a talk show hobbyist.

His investment and service cases include Yidu Cloud(02158.HK), Simcere, WeiMai, Medbanks, etc.

Zeyuan Liu

Mr. Liu is mainly in charge of healthcare service and digital health. Prior to joining TaiheCap, Mr. Liu worked at CEC Capital, Accenture and McKinsey, focusing on private equity financing transactions and strategic consulting services in the healthcare sector.

Mr. Liu graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a master's degree in economics. He studied at Case Western Reserve University in the United States with a bachelor's degree in economics and finance.

In his spare time, Mr. Liu loves outdoor sports and photography. He has backpacked to nearly 30 countries and has an AOW diving certificate. Although he suffers from severe altitude sickness, he still hopes to reach the summit of Mount Himalaya in his lifetime.

His investment and service cases include Orient Speech Therapy, BeauCare, Distinct Healthcare, Sunny Dental, etc.

Pony MaDirector

Ms. Ma mainly in charge of the intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet sectors. Before joining Taihe Capital, she was engaged in investment and research at the first -level market buyer institution.

Ms. Ma graduated from Peking University and has a master's degree in financial science at Peking University and a master's degree in economics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He studied undergraduate at Xiamen University and has a two -bachelor's degree in engineering and economics.

As a fan of sports and self-driving, Ms. Ma ever drove nearly 3,000 kilometers in six days in her spare time.

Representative cases: Geek+, MEGAROBO, MECH MIND, Fengyi Technology, Shein, Shuhai Supply Chain, etc.

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Managing Partner & CEO

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