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Taihecap Insights

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“Tai” stands for Mount Tai, regarded as the grandest of the Five Great Mountains of China, which has a magnificent outlook over the world. It shows our passion to ride the waves of business world, and fight to get on top of the tides. “He” is characterized in ancient Chinese philosophy as "appreciating the values of each other, and building a harmonious world". It shows our commitment to share mutual benefits and grow together with global top-tier entrepreneurs.

Uninhibited conversations with top entrepreneurs to only discuss the real problems of business and life with critical thinking, seeking true answers. TH Open Talks

Taihecap Insight

Share the fun of thinking and extreme truth-seeking

Three keys to B2B platform success, focusing on vertical industry, adding multiple values to industry chain and accumulating high quality data


Fu Chaoping, TH Capital: The perspective of industrial internet


With European and American giants everywhere, how does this Indian social network break out in the dialect market? A dialogue with Ankush Sachdeva, founder of ShareChat


New retail: High-speed evolution of the industry, the final battle is the one between the mainstream players


Insight 2019: no more wilderness. This is a year of resource integrating, tech validating,and regulated compliance



Chinese Disciples of 3G Capital
Fortune magazine cover story

Taihecap witnessed the leap of China's FA from individual heroism, workshop-style management to a meritocracy model based on the spirit of partnership.

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China TH Capital Honored as "Best Equity Financing Deal" of The Asset's Triple A Regional Awards, an authoritative award in Asia-Pacific

The Asset, an Asia's authoritative media, announced the "Triple A Sustainable Capital Markets Regional Awards"


Five Startups Bidding to Be China's SaaS Stars

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Transformation of Chinese start-ups amid coronavirus outbreak

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